Zulu -Khaki


Our Zulu collection are woven with higher thread density and comes with heftier hardware, resulting in a tougher and sturdier strap. We pay extra attention to the needlework on each strap to ensure that the stitching is tidy and aligned. The pinholes are laser cut to precision and the strap wears comfortably on the skin. 


1. Our Zulu straps comes in at a thickness of 1.3mm for extra durability

2. Hardware and buckle is hefty and sturdy with a brushed finish 

3. Pinholes are laser cut with no jarring edges , comfortable on the wrist


Buckle material


316L Stainless Steel (brushed finish)


Strap thickness


Approximately 1.3mm


Strap material


Quick drying nylon with high density thread count


Length of strap




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