(21mm) Rally Leather - Black, rubber lining

Product Specifications

Size:21mm (21mm at the lugs tapering to 16mm at buckle)

Length:120/70mm (Regular)

Lining: Waterproof Rubber Lining

Padding: Uniform padding, approx. 2.8mm

Hardware: 16mm Monstraps tang buckle (brushed finish)

Additional: Straight lug end, quick release springbar, black edge paint

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Disclaimer: We have been running our custom strap program for more than 5 years. Here at Monstraps each strap is handmade to order based on the customer's specifications and sometimes there is a lapse in communication between a customer's request and the completed strap, often resulting in a rework. The result is a build-up of an inventory of completed straps with different custom specifications. Each strap is piece unique and brand new, we do not sell worn or used straps. Over the years, we have also prototyped with different type of leather and materials and these prototype are now also offered as part of our outlet selection at a lower price point to our customers without compromises on the usual quality craftsmanship we offer on our regular inventory. 

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