Custom made - Vintage Canvas / Sailcloth Strap

Get started here on your personalised vintage canvas strap.

Our vintage canvas straps are fully handmade. The top canvas is waxed and water resistant. The bottom lining is made of our exclusively sourced rubber. These straps are soft from the go and require minimum breaking in.

Do note that our canvas straps are designed to be splash proof and waterproof but we do not advocate going for prolong sessions of swim or dives with these simply because the longevity of these straps will be affected. Pure rubber straps are for that purpose due to their one piece construction with no glues or stitching needed which are both present in our canvas straps.


In the dropdown menu below you will be able to select customise various aspect of the canvas straps such as width, length, stitching style, colour etc. Most of the common specification have been set to "default" for your ease of use.

If you need further assistance, drop us an email or chat with us about your requirement and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Please note current turnaround times based on our workbench volume is approximately 8-10 working days. 

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