Epsom Leather Two Watch Roll (Dark Brown)


The versatile way to stow away your beloved collection or to protect your watches on the go, our Epsom Watch Roll is handcrafted with dedication by our artisan using only the finest material. The outer leather is made of Epsom leather which is both resistant to scratches and also water splashes. We use Alcantara® for the inner lining which has excellent moisture resistance and is also not prone to creases. Each watch roll will also ship with an extra dust protector pouch which also provides extra cushion against any impact. 




1. Epsom Leather outer with olive green Alcantara® inner lining

2. Handcrafted and stitched for extra longevity 

3. Dual inner hidden snap fastener buttons

4. Removable cushion pads 



 14cm x 9cm x 6cm  


 Watches with diameter (including crown) up to 47mm

Watch Roll Material



French Epsom Leather with Alcantara
® inner lining



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