Uniquely manufactured by MONSTRAPS.

Contemporary, durable and incredibly comfortable.

Moulded from vulcanised rubber for superior durability. Excellent resistance to UV rays, extreme temperatures, mechanical stresses, chemicals, and seawater.

This is not the typical vintage style rubber strap which is molded from cheap silicone or TPU rubber. We choose to use vulcanised rubber and only introduce a very subtle tapering to remain faithful to the vintage vibe. Our waffle strap requires no breaking in and is soft and pliable from day one. 

Please note that this is a straight end strap and should fit universally on most watches with the correct lug width. 





All wrist sizes (10 pin holes spaced apart)


 Strap width


22 mm at lugs tapering down to 20 mm at buckle 

20 mm at lugs tapering down to 18mm at buckle 

Length of strap


130 mm / 80 mm (measure to end of strap without including buckle)


Strap material


Vulcanised Rubber


Strap thickness


4.5mm at lug ends tapering to 3.2mm at strap end


Buckle material


316L Stainless Steel, brushed finish



Pin holes


10 tear resistant pin holes

Design to Fit

Universal fit for most watches with matching lug width 

We will include 1.8mm thick spring bars which will fit most watches (including Seiko watches which takes fat 2.5mm spring bars)

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