Blackbay Adjustable - Grey

An exclusive MONSTERSTRAPS manufacture, we have combined the desirable characteristics of the different Nato Straps on the market into one of our own. 


1.  316L stainless steel buckle and keeper hardware for better durability and resistance

2. CNC machined finish buckle with brushed satin top finish and mirror polished sides. Buckle loops are thick and milled to fit the buckle seamlessly with zero play. 

3.  Fully length adjustable via the buckle hardware and floating keeper to ensure no messy folded strap ends 

4. Top grade dense nylon weaving resulting in a smooth satin seat belt like finish and all edges are herringbone weaved 

5. Single layer (Single pass) through the lugs on the watch head for a closer fit to your wrist 

6. Laser sealed pin-holes for smooth surface, perfect wearability with no jarring edges



Length of nylon fabric


325mm (without adjustment buckle)




For wrist size of 5.9 inches and above


Strap thickness


Approximately 1.4mm


Installation Guide

Click here for strap installation guide

Click here to learn how to adjust the length of the NATO Blackbay

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