Shell Cordovan Strap (Olive Green)

The crown jewel of leather hides, shell cordovan when taken care of can last for a long time and develop a lovely patina as it ages. Shell cordovan are known to not crease and instead develop a ripple effect when folded, It's non porous nature due to its dense fibre structure also allows the leather to be fairly water resistant.

The process of creating a shell cordovan hide is an art in itself. In the leather industry, this is the pinnacle of old world artistry. There are only a handful of tanneries remaining in the world which produces shell cordovan hides and the two most renowned ones are Shinki Hikaku and Horween. 

Our shell cordovan leather is sourced from Shinki Hikaku in Kobe, Japan. Each hide takes an entire year of work to produce and the artistry of the tanning shows in each individual hide. The leather is beautifully waxed and finished with a deep, uniform (the reason why we chose Shinki Hikaku over Horween's shell) and luscious finish.

Our strap is fully saddle stitched with an open loop with matching M30 linen thread. 

The inner lining is made from smooth Zermatt leather from Tanneries HAAS in France, the same type of lining commonly found in Hermès bags. 

 *Please note that all our straps are handmade to order and require 7-10 working days to be crafted. 

*For Rolex and vintage Tudor watches, we provide curve end straps so that the strap will not be scuffed by the watch case. Kindly leave us a note at checkout if required*


1. Slim strap (slightly-padded) of thickness approx. 2.5mm

2. Slight tapering from lug to strap end

3. Exclusive buckle in polished finish (Option of Steel, Yellow and Rose Gold)

4. Quick release spring bar for easy installation and removal


Length of strap 


120 + 70 mm (4.72 + 2.75 in.) - Standard

105 + 65 mm (4.13 + 2.56 in.) - Short


Buckle material 


316L Stainless Steel, plated Yellow or Rose Gold (Polished Finish)


Strap material 


Shinki Hikaku (Kobe, Japan)

*please note as this is a natural leather hide, each piece of strap has its unique characteristic of veining, markings or colour shade. The characteristics vary from hide to hide and but we will do our best to ensure uniformity within the same range of straps and colour*


Strap thickness 

Approximately 2.5mm 



Standard length (120 + 70 mm) -fits approximately wrist size of 6.25 to 7.5 inch as the fit will ultimately depends on the lug to lug width of each individual watch




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