Curved End Leather Strap (For Rolex)


Switch out the look of your Rolex with our Swiss made curved fitted Rolex leather strap. We have combined our leather crafting expertise in the creation of this curved fitted strap exclusively for a few of the popular Rolex models. As always, comfort is our priority at Monstraps and this strap is as comfortable as it gets.

The strap is made of Italian Nappa leather which is used mainly in luxury bags and car seats. The inner lining is made of our exclusive red waterproof leather which not only adds longevity to the strap but also helps to keep moisture and sweat away (no more worrying about odour being locked up in your leather strap after prolonged use)

The ABS polymer which serves as the contact point between the watch and the strap is precision molded to ensure a perfect flush fit. We have also added quick release spring bars for easy installation and removal of the strap.  

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1. Swiss made quality 

2. Precision molded for flushed fit on the specific Rolex models 

3. Finest grade of Italian Nappa leather, soft and very comfortable on wrist

4. Waterproof inner lining 

5. Quick release spring bar for easy installation and removal


Length of strap 


120mm (long end) + 80 mm (short end)

Buckle material 


316L Stainless Steel


Strap material 


Italian Nappa Leather with waterproof leather inner lining)


Strap thickness 

Approximately 5.5mm tapering to 3.0mm



Specific Rolex watch models (please refer to dropdown options) for wrist sizes between 5.5 inches to 8 inches



Click here for strap installation guide

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