Nylon M II - Twill Grey

Our Nylon M II strap is back with newly improved hardware, exclusively at Monstraps. We have made adjustments to the pinhole to fit smaller size wrists and manufactured a new CNC machined angular keepers with a slimmer profile to match the high thread count twill weave fabric which comes in at only 1.2mm in thickness.



1.  Exclusively made swiss grade 316L stainless steel buckle and slim profile angular keepers with highly brushed matte finish 

2.  Traditional 2 layer style for better grip of watch head on wrist

3. High thread count twill weaving resulting in a distinct diagonal weave pattern with a luminescent like texture under certain lighting

4. 13 pin holes for the micro adjustments needed for a close fit for individuals with different wrist sizes

5. Laser sealed pin-holes for smooth surface, perfect wearability with no jarring edges

*Do bear in mind that this is the slimmest profile of the nylon straps (1.2mm) we make and certain care can go a long way to ensure it's longevity. If you're looking for a outdoor heavy duty strap that can tank some serious abuse, please consider our NATO Monster I or Zulu straps instead.  


Length of nylon fabric


290mm (measured to buckle end)




For wrist size of 6 inches and above


Strap thickness


Approximately 1.2mm


Installation Guide

Click here for strap installation guide

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