Nylon M III - Sand (Single Pass)

Combining the best of both worlds, our third generation fabric made in single pass (single layer) configuration. We made this strap shorter than the usual "NATO style" straps by a full 30mm which means there is no need to fold and tuck in the ugly excess. It will also fit smaller wrist sizes well. 

Our third generation fabric features a new dense weaved fabric with a subtle sheen, this fabric has more structure than the usual seat belt style nylon sold everywhere else so it does an exceptional job by adding some much needed balance and heave to counter the weight of the watch head. 

We have also made improvements to the hardware by manufacturing a new buckle with a slight curvage to contour the wrist even better. This is the closest quality you can get to Swiss branded OEMs' straps without shelving out 9X the price. Discover our value proposition today. 


1.  Exclusively made swiss grade 316L stainless steel buckle and slim profile angular keepers with highly brushed matte finish 

2. Single layer fabric for slimmer watch profile on the wrist

3. High thread count twill weaving resulting in a distinct diagonal weave pattern with a luminescent like texture under certain lighting

4. 13 pin holesfor the micro adjustments needed for a close fit for individuals with different wrist sizes

5. Laser sealed pin-holes for smooth surface, perfect wearability with no jarring edges



Length of nylon fabric


290mm (measured to buckle end)




For wrist size of 6 inches and above


Strap thickness


Approximately 1.4mm


Installation Guide

Click here for strap installation guide

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