Nylon Vintage - Ivory (Single Pass)

Staying faithful to the ribbed fabric pattern of vintage nylon straps, our latest Nylon Vintage line features a single pass design with 13 pinholes and a new length of 260mm with higher pinholes to accommodate the smaller end of the wrist sizes. Larger wrist size will also benefit from the revised length without having to double tuck the strap at the end. We have also opt to continue the use of our own  exclusive manufactured buckle from the Nylon M III series which features a slight curvage to contour the wrist even better. This is the closest quality you can get to Swiss branded OEMs' straps without shelving out 9X the price. Discover our value proposition today. 


1.  Exclusively made swiss grade 316L stainless steel buckle and slim profile angular keepers with highly brushed matte finish 

2.  Single pass/layer "NATO" style for a more flushed look of watch head on wrist

3. High thread count ribbed nylon weaving 

4. 13 pin holesfor the micro adjustments needed for a close fit for individuals with different wrist sizes

5. Laser sealed pin-holes for smooth surface, perfect wearability with no jarring edges



Length of nylon fabric


260mm (measured to buckle end)




For wrist size of 5.5 inches and above


Strap thickness


Approximately 1.4mm


Installation Guide

Click here for strap installation guide

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