Tactical Sailcloth - Black (Red Stitches)

Our tactical sail cloth strap is made from quick drying patterned canvas. The stitching on this particular strap is red to match the details on your watch. Pairs exceptionally well on your pilot watch, diver and chronographs. 


1. Quick drying sail cloth material on both upper and inner lining. Most sailcloth straps on the market comes with an inner leather lining which brings the waterproof ability of the strap into question. Our tactical sailcloth strap is fully waterproof

2. Padded strap with right balance of durability and flexibility 

3. Premium buckle hardware construction with brushed and polished surface on different facets


Length of strap


75mm (measured to buckle end) // 115mm (watch end)



Buckle material


316L Stainless Steel


Strap thickness


Approximately 2.5mm




Suitable for wrist sizes 6 to 7.8 inches




A spring-bar tool is required for the installation of the strap. Purchase one over here

**Please note that fatter spring bars (i.e. Seiko stock spring bars) will not fit this strap. If you require regular spring bars please kindly indicate in the notes during checkout and we will mail you a set for free. 

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